FSBO's Marketing

Please review the information under Selling - Marketing Plan, this contains some additional suggestions for FSBOs.

Unless you've listed your property on MRIS, the only way potential buyers will see your property is through advertising. Check out the Washington Post, local papers, flyers in local shops and SIGNS! Don't forget the "lead-in" signs that point from busy streets into your neighborhood and to your home (Home Depot sells them very affordably). Put a sign in front of your home WITH a space for flyers (black and white flyers are not expensive). If you're comfortable with the idea, hold an open house (please put your valuables and medicines in a safe or locked place). Sure, your neighbors will come to see your home, but they may have friends who would like to buy your house, you just never know. Be sure to mention your house to friends, co-workers, neighbors, anyone who you think could help you sell your house.

Should you pay extra to list your home on MRIS? Good Question...vague answer...How much will it cost you to list on MRIS? In addition to that, are you promising to pay 3% commission to a buyer's agent? What is your total expense if you go that route? Compare the additional MRIS expense with the cost of a full service agent. Remember, in this scenario, the buyer will have representation, and you, the seller, will not. If you're comfortable with your end of the negotiations, this is a good next step if your home doesn't sell with your previous efforts.