FSBO's - Contingencies Removed

Please review the information under Seller's Contingencies Removed, this only contains some additional suggestions for FSBOs.

Remember when your contract with the buyer was "ratified"? That the start date for your contingencies. If you have a 5 day home inspection contingency, and your contract was ratified on March 11th, the buyers must get back to you (in writing) by 9pm on March 16th, or the contingency has expired. The 3 day contingency upon the receipt of HOA docs starts the day after you hand the buyer the recently updated HOA packet (up to $100 and within 60 days). If you give your buyer the docs on March 20th, they have until 9pm on March 23rd to void the contract under the HOA contingency. Check and double check the contingencies in your contract and when they expire.